Our water is sourced from pristine Northern New England, 10,000 feet below the earth's surface.



This naturally flowing artesian spring, produces clean, healthy water and has done so for thousands of years. This water flows naturally from the spring to the surface, without any pumping required. This means no heavy machinery to pollute the water source and nothing harming the delicate ecosystem around it. The water requires minimal filtration of microscopic mineral solids, which means it can be processed directly into bottling distributions.

You can drink it directly from the spring, without worrying about mysterious preservatives, additives, or unknown chemicals. We have a vast supply where we currently utilize approximately 1,000,000 gallons per year, with the rest of the water flowing naturally into existing streams and eventually the ocean.

Our water comes all the way from the mountains up north, after traveling several years deep below the ground. The water is impervious to outside elements as it naturally filters through bedrock and pure white sands up to the surface resulting in clean artesian mineral water. Research & testing indicates mineral traces are present in the water that are known to come from the pristine parts of Northern New England, in particular the States of Maine and New Hampshire.

This water flows freely, continuing on it’s own stream and remains at a constant temperature of 48 degrees year round. The surrounding sand aquifer acts as a barrier protecting the the water from any contaminants or runoff areas from pollution.

"Good, crisp spring water you’d typically find up north with body and texture is a common description our customers express. It leaves you feeling like you’ve had a full, healthy glass." As many of our customers claim our water improves overall health.

This water is as good right from the spring, as it is in the bottle. We are a local business that loves to support our community. With your support, we can continue to preserve this oasis while indulging in the vibrant life source it provides.



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