We are the American brand for high class premium water.

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Two brands. One Promise: Premium Artesian Mineral water to find your balance.

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AmeriAqua is pure, American water for your active lifestyle.

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Jala is balanced, premium artesian mineral water for your soul.

"This water really is something special. Since I've started drinking this water, I have truly felt stronger, smarter and healthier.  I believe it has helped bring a certain balance to my very hectic life. 
At first taste you immediately notice the high natural mineral content.  Since it's a premium water, it should be treated as such and only served at the right temperature. Think of it like a fine white wine, you wouldn't drink it at room temperature. Once the cold fully activates the natural minerals, the water releases a unique crisp taste that is unlike any other. 
I believe in this water and the harmonizing properties it brings to the body.  So with this, I invite you to try some of our artesian mineral water and find your own way of balance."

- Owner Chung Hing Lau 


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Our Promise

Our quality premium water comes from an aquifer that acts both as a natural filter & protective barrier.

Sourced from pristine Northern New England, 10,000 feet below the earth’s surface.

Our premium water requires minimal filtration from the source.

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